Our Activities

Story time

We believe that the love and curiosity for reading begins in early childhood. This activity, carried out in cooperation with the Fraser Hickson Library, aims at introducing the little ones, attending our drop-in day care, to the joy of reading.

Each week, the children have the opportunity to listen to a story related to a specific theme (alphabet, food, colours, pets, jungle and farm animals). Through these themes, children learn new words in the language of their host community.

Literacy Awareness

The literacy awareness project was established to develop toddlers' reading skills and raise parents' awareness to the importance of literacy in the home environment.

Weekly activities are organized to help the children at the drop-in day care develop an appreciation for the French language, become familiar with books, foster the pleasure of reading and promote their overall development for future school success. Each program is divided into 3 parts: reading, motor skills and educational activities.

Collective Kitchens/Cook together

The overall goal of this activity is to learn new healthy cooking skills at a low cost. Through our collective kitchens, families learn to better prepare healthy, nutritious and affordable meals, which benefits the household budget.

The project also allows us to learn more about the cooking habits of our participants according to their origin. The collective kitchens are a great way to bond with each other. This activity, which is greatly appreciated by the participants, gives rise to exchanges between them, thus breaking their isolation.

Community lunches

Once a month, parents bring a dish to share and discuss with the facilitator various topics that are important to them.


Through this activity, we hope that our participants will be well informed on many issues such as the health and general well-being of their families and children, community and institutional resources in the Côte-des-Neiges area, the Quebec school system, federal programs and services available to the population, migration and employability.

To carry out this activity, we have the collaboration of different institutions and organizations at the municipal, provincial and federal levels as well as community organizations. Our participating families may also benefit from biopsychosocial protective factors.

Occasional Activities

Several times a year, we offer family activities or outings such as apple picking, summer outings within Montreal, community parties, the sharing store, school supplies, and of course, the Christmas party.