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Our Story

In July 2002, more than 450 parents from the northwest area of Côte-des-Neiges filed a petition to neighbourhood organizations and institutions to request a resource closer to home in order to meet the needs of families.
After ten meetings with a committee of partners made up of parents, representatives of community organizations, neighbourhood residents and government institutions (RCM and the City of Montreal), Maison Magique was created at 4695 Bouchette Street to welcome families.

A place for listening and sharing, Maison Magique was open to the neighbourhood to facilitate the integration and encourage the involvement of families in community life. However, Maison Magique remains a transitional name for a resource whose objectives go beyond the expectations of the partners’ committee.

In addition to the services offered on site to families, this resource must serve as a transitional place towards other resources in the area.

The name Relais Côte-des-Neiges better reflects the objectives of the resource which undeniably wishes to develop inter and multisectorial collaborations in order to reach the most underprivileged population of the district and to bring an adequate response to the targeted needs.

Relais Côte-des-Neiges is a non-profit organization incorporated on May 5, 2003 under Part 3 of the Quebec Companies Act.


Children and families who have the right conditions to develop, thrive and succeed, in a conscious environment that works together to put those very conditions in place.


  • Development of children’s well-being;

  • Improved quality of life for parents;

  • Integration of families into the life of the neighbourhood and Quebec society.


  • Break the isolation of parents and create bonds between families from different cultures;

  • Empower parents in the educational role of their children;

  • Encourage families to make greater use of neighbourhood resources;

  • Foster parents’ involvement in solving their problems and improving their quality of life.

Our Team

Chebna Dorcenat

Daycare educator

Khadija Idriss Saleh

Daycare Educator

Clélia Tholomier

Homework helper

Madeleine Fangue

Family worker

Rachid Berranen

transport pick-up manager

Jocelyne Martin


Kayla Coull

Community organizer

Board of Directors

Elwige Angèle Ngapa


Abderamane Saleh


Marie-Claude Manga


Mathilde Bourgueil


Meriame Stitou


Frédérique Desjardins


Latifa Bouchara


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